Introducing Peter Weatherall (the guy who makes all these DVDs and CDs)

I grew up in New Zealand where I went to school and university. At university I did both arts and science degrees (studying languages, philosophy, mathematics and science). I was lucky enough to win a prestigious Commonwealth scholarship to the University of Cambridge in England, where I did a doctorate about how people learn and use language to think and reason. After graduation, I held teaching and research positions in New Zealand and the USA (being amongst other things a Fulbright Scholar in New York). I decided to switch from an academic career to a creative one, because I am very interested in children's music and stories. I took my music and stories to Japan where I taught English for four years. In Japan, I learned how to do animation where I found animation and songs were great ways to engage children in learning and remembering new concepts. I currently live in Invercargill, New Zealand, and am a qualified classroom teacher, specialising in science and mathematics education. I have also been making an educational program for children broadcast throughout Australasia on community TV and radio for the past 9 years - you can watch and listen to the creative results of my work on this website.

Science and Math Set of DVDs and CDs: Click on a title to view contents
Simple Science DVD and CD More Simple Science DVD and CD Simplest Science DVD and CD Human Biology DVD and CD
Chemistry Songbook DVD and CD Fantastikos Mathematikos DVD and CD Musical Math DVD and CD Fun Time Math
Singin' Science


Early Learning Set of DVDs and CDs: Click on a title to view contents
Altogether English DVD and CD Sing in English DVD and CD Penguin TV DVD and CD Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD and CD Where Does Food Come From? DVD and CD
Happy Train DVD and CD Read Me a Story DVD Speak in English DVD Kiwi Kids Vids by Peter Weatherall Lollipop Man DVD




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