Early Learning DVDs Multibuy

This set of DVDs contains all my early learning videos and songs (plus all supplementary and printable ROM materials, mp3 audio files, lyrics, etc.).

The songs are included as high quality (320kbps) audio mp3s: You can use these to burn your own music CDs, shift them to an mp3-player (such as an i-pod) or to the hard-drive of a computer.

Click on the buy now button above to purchase this set of DVDs for US$15 (free shipping/packaging by airmail to any international destination).

If you want to pay in a currency other than US dollars you can do so by visiting our International Prices Order page here.

Early Learning Set of DVDs and CDs: Click on a title to view contents
Altogether English DVD and CD Sing in English DVD and CD Penguin TV DVD and CD Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD and CD Where Does Food Come From? DVD and CD
Happy Train DVD and CD Read Me a Story DVD Speak in English DVD Kiwi Kids Vids by Peter Weatherall Lollipop Man DVD


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