Frequently Asked Questions

"Will your DVDs work in my country?" Yes. All our DVDs are region-free and we make sure the format is correct for your region before mailing things off.

"Do you ship internationally?" Yes. We welcome international orders from any region/country.

Can I pay in a currency other than US dollars? Yes. Please visit our International Prices Order page here to order in non-US currencies. If you do not see your home-country's currency listed you can still pay in US dollars or any of the other currencies listed.

"How much do you charge for shipping?" We send your DVDs by airmail anywhere in the world for free. There are no hidden or extra charges on top of the advertised price of the DVDs.

"What happens if the DVDs are damaged or don't arrive?" We send replacements for free.

"How long will it take for DVDs to reach me?" 14 days from the time of purchase. Having said that, most people get things within 7 days (I send them by airmail - but the postal service can be slow during public holiday periods and to remote countries\regions).

"How can I buy music CDs?" I no longer sell individual music CDs. However, my Collected MP3 Albums DVD disk includes all my songs and music as (320kbps) mp3 audio files. You can use these files to burn your own music CDs using a computer and blank CD-Rs. You can also listen to the songs through an mp3-player (such as an i-pod) or computer.

Please email me here if you have any questions or special requests.

Science and Math Set of DVDs and CDs: Click on a title to view contents
Simple Science DVD and CD More Simple Science DVD and CD Simplest Science DVD and CD Human Biology DVD and CD
Chemistry Songbook DVD and CD Fantastikos Mathematikos DVD and CD Musical Math DVD and CD Fun Time Math
Singin' Science


Early Learning Set of DVDs and CDs: Click on a title to view contents
Altogether English DVD and CD Sing in English DVD and CD Penguin TV DVD and CD Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD and CD Where Does Food Come From? DVD and CD
Happy Train DVD and CD Read Me a Story DVD Speak in English DVD Kiwi Kids Vids by Peter Weatherall Lollipop Man DVD



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