Hello. My name is Dr Peter Weatherall and I'm an independent children's musician and animator. I create high quality educational songs and videos for children, teachers and parents.

I'm happy to mail out DVDs to any international destination (my latest titles are also available as digital downloads). I have three collections of DVDs available: 1. Buy Everything Set (includes all my videos and songs); 2. Science and Math Set (containing just my science and math songs and videos); 3. Early Learning Set (containing just my songs and videos aimed at early learners)

I am pleased to announce the release an album of all-new science and math videos and songs called Singin' Science. Check it out here.

Also, check out my latest project: 101 Kiwi Kids Songs. I have just finished making music videos for 20 of the songs and you can check them out here: Kiwi Kids Vids.

I hope you enjoy exploring my website: please email me here if you have any questions or comments.

Science and Math Set of DVDs and CDs: Click on a title to view contents
Simple Science DVD and CD More Simple Science DVD and CD Simplest Science DVD and CD Human Biology DVD and CD
Chemistry Songbook DVD and CD Fantastikos Mathematikos DVD and CD Musical Math DVD and CD Fun Time Math
Singin' Science


Early Learning Set of DVDs and CDs: Click on a title to view contents
Altogether English DVD and CD Sing in English DVD and CD Penguin TV DVD and CD Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD and CD Where Does Food Come From? DVD and CD
Happy Train DVD and CD Read Me a Story DVD Speak in English DVD Kiwi Kids Vids by Peter Weatherall Lollipop Man DVD





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