Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD by Peter Weatherall

This DVD is a collection of the best songs and animation from the 2008 broadcasts of my Jumping Jellybeans TV show.

The DVD has over two hours of original songs and animation to entertain and educate children aged 1-6. It also includes high quality (320kbps) audio mp3s of all the songs accessible from a computer - you can move these to an mp3-player (such as an ipod) or use them to burn a music CD that will work in a CD-player.

This DVD is available as part of my Early Learning Multibuy set of DVDs. Please go to that page to buy a copy.





Click on a picture to watch low quality video samples from the Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD
Let's Dance Music Video
Ladybug will you marry me? Music Video
Whoop bang doodle doo Music Video Cardboard Car Music Video Fishy Fishy Music Video
Watch the start of Jumping Jellybeans TV
Watch a video from the Sunny Day series
Watch a video from the Hide and Seek series Watch a video from the Jump Flea series Watch a video from the Fruit Train series
Watch a cockroach race video Watch a video from the Family Tree series Watch the This is my Family Tree music video Watch a video from the Reach for the Stars series Watch the Jumping Jellybean TV Goodbye Video


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