Twenty twenty Music CD by Peter Weatherall

Twenty original instrumental pieces written, recorded and arranged for woodwind and brass by Peter Weatherall. Here's the story about how this album came into being: in 2005, while I was living in Japan, I met a Japanese woman who ran an ensemble of instrumentalists: mostly they played archaic looking recorders of every shape and size, and were accompanied by a harpsichordist. I offered to compose some original "faux renaissance" pieces for them, and my offer having been accepted, I wrote these 20 pieces in 20 days. We gave a concert of about half of the resulting compositions, with me conducting, not long afterwards in the cultural hall in the city of Dazaifu, and the concert was filmed by the local TV station.

This music album is included on my collected set of mp3 albums.


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1. Parading Parasols 2. The Otago March 3. Walt's Waltz 4. High Falooting
5. A Minor Accord 6. Dust Motes 7. Serious Business 8. A Stroll In The Park
9. Cargill's March 10. Ally Oops 11. Emerald Isle 12. Around The Horn
13. Pick Hullo 14. Clouds 15. Stately Pleasures 16. Here We Go Again
17. Tripping Slightly 18. Hey Sax 19. Catch Me If You Can A Summer Waltz


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