Bub Dub Music CD by Peter Weatherall

Bub Dub is the latest music craze to have emerged from underground dance clubs and day care centres. Infants and toddlers across the nation have spoken: : "We don't care what Old MacDonald has on the farm. We hope the wheels on the bus fall off. We want cool new music."

I email a link to you when you purchase any of my DVD/CD bundles so you can stream this album in high quality mp3 format.

Jukebox: click on a blue title to play an mp3 audio sample
1. Baby Boogie 2. Nice Colors 3. Vital Organs 4. Excess Energy
5. I've Got A Cold 6. Blast Off 7. Spilt Milk 8. Brush Your Teeth
9. Bad Mood Blues 10. My Family 11. Funny Faces 12. Bad Hair Day
13. Gentle Lullaby 14. Tidy Up Time    


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