Children's Songs 1 Music CD by Peter Weatherall

I wrote and recorded these songs in 2000 in a small wooden house on the shores of the great southern ocean at the bottom of the South Island of New Zealand. As with the rest of my children's music catalogue, I am slowly getting around to animating them for use in my TV show. You can see the results for Ladybug will you marry me?, below, which appears on my Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD .

This music album is included on my collected set of mp3 albums.

Jukebox: click on a blue song title to play an audio sample (or the picture to play the video clip)

1. The Kangaroo Hop

5. Teddy Bear's Lullaby

9. Little Bird

2. Once I had a Donkey

6. Hey Monkey

10. Mambo Jambo

3. The Land of Yum Yum

7. Creepy Crawlies

11. Poor little Jack

4. Ladybug will you marry me?

8. Mulligatawny Mice

12. Goodnight

Ladybug will you marry me? Music video


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