Children's Songs 2 Music CD by Peter Weatherall

This is the second of the trio of albums I wrote and recorded in Dunedin, New Zealand (the other two being the Children's Songs 1 and Jumping Jellybeans CDs). I have been animating songs off the album and several of them appear on my Jumping Jellybeans TV and Altogether English DVDs. You can check low quality samples out below.

This music album is included on my collected set of mp3 albums.

Jukebox: click on a blue song title to play an audio sample

1. A leopard can't change its spots

6. Worms

11. Three Little Pigs

2. Cardboard car

7. Let's Dance

12. Be a bird

3. Fishy Fishy

8. Lonely Star

13. I'll be the one

4. Do Dee ABC

9. Whoop Bang Doodle Doo

14. We're going to the movies

5. We're having fun

10. Ooh Ahh Monkey


Click on a picture to watch a video clip
Cardboard Car music video Fishy Fishy music video Let's Dance muisic video Whoop Bang Doodle Doo music video Watch Three Little Pigs


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