Jumping Jellybeans Music CD by Peter Weatherall

I wrote and recorded the songs for this album in 2002 in Dunedin, New Zealand, and had a lot of fun both writing and arranging the songs. The songs, I have discovered, work well when animated, and I have turned to them on more than one occasion when plundering my my own music for my TV shows, Penguin TV and Jumping Jellybeans TV, on which the animated music videos below appear. In fact you could say these TV shows would not exist were it not for the appearance of the 4 colourful candy confections and 10 little penguins on this album.

This music album is included on my collected set of mp3 albums.

Jukubox: click on a blue song title to play a low quality audio sample

1. Jumping Jelly Beans

6. Show Pony

11. Big Red Balloon

2. Tickle Me

7. Polygon Song

12. Ten Little Penguins

3. Sluggish Snail

8. Ghost with the Most

13. Water Lullaby

4. So Bored

9. Little People


5. Mr McConnachie

10. Puddles


Click on a picture to watch a low quality music video
Watch Jumping Jellybeans music video Sluggish Snail music video Polygon Song music video Ten Little Penguins music video




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