Japanese Waltzes Music CD by Peter Weatherall

I wrote and recorded the waltzes for this album in 2004 whilst living in Japan (hence the title), and it is the first of a trio of purely instrumental albums (the other two being Twenty Twenty and Top Brass) that share the common feature that all pieces were originally composed on piano (I write most of my children's music on guitar) - although I later arranged most of them for other instruments. More recently I have beeen animating this instrumental music for TV broadcast - to introduce children to the instruments, sounds and rhythms of orchestral music. In the case of most of these waltzes, they have been animated as "Walt's Waltz Workouts", and appear as part of the Teddy Bear Orchestra DVD. You can check out a couple of music video samples below

This music album is included on my collected set of mp3 albums.

Jukebox: click on a blue title to play a low quality audio sample

1. The plum blossom waltz

6. A windy day waltz

11. The fat cat waltz

2. The waltz of the carp

7. The ladybird waltz

12. The waltz of the clocks

3. The sparrow waltz

8. The commuters' waltz

13. The Dazaifu river waltz

4. The Christmas tree waltz

9. A waltz for daydreamers

14. The firefly waltz

5. Waltz of the snowflakes

10. The traffic waltz

15. A farewell waltz

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Watch Walt's Commuter's Waltz Workout Watch Walt's Waltz For Daydreamers Workout


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