Monster in the Bathtub Music CD by Peter Weatherall

This music CD contains 14 children's songs recorded in my Oamaru studio in 2009. This album has a musical mix of what I do best (I think): educational, entertaining, and story songs for children of any age. I have animated some of the songs (see below) and put the resulting music videos on my Fantastikos Mathematikos DVD. More recently, talented animator Brad Trofin has animated some of the songs which appear on our Where Does Food Come From? DVD

This music album is included on my collected set of mp3 albums.

Jukebox: click on a blue title to play an audio sample (in low quality format)
1. What Shall We Do 2. Little Sparrow 3. Hi Yoh 4. I am a Parallelogram
5. Animal Talk 6. Monster in the Bathtub 7. Sean the Leprachaun 8. Lullaby Land
9. Chicken or Egg 10. Busy Bees 11. Number Rhumba 12. My Umbrella
13. Hard Hat Harry 14. Goodbye    


Watch a music video (from Fantastikos Mathematikos DVD)
watch the I am a Parallelogram music video
watch the Number Rhumba music video

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