Mother Goose, Father Gander Music CD by Peter Weatherall

This is a CD of ninety nursery rhymes I have set to music. The first forty five are traditional "mother goose" nursery rhymes which I remember my mother reciting to me - I have tried to choose ones where I cannot recall any established traditional melody that goes with them, and have set them to original music. The second forty five "father gander" nursery rhymes are ones for which I have composed both words and music - hopefully in keeping with the Mother Goose tradition.

As with my other children's music, the mother goose nursery rhymes have steadily been making their appearance, ably illustrated by Hidemi, on our TV shows over the past couple of years. And the Father Goose nursery rhymes appear in my "Reach for the Stars" series singing competition - these music videos appear on our Penguin TV and Jumping Jellybeans TV DVDs.

This music album is included on my collected set of mp3 albums.

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1. Catching Fishes 2. Ladybird fly away home 3. Jack be nimble 4. Pat a cake 5. St. Ives
watch banbury cross
7. 'Bye baby bunting
deedle deedle dumpling
9. Curly locks 10. Little Tom Tucker
11. Humpty dumpty 12. There was an old woman 13. Little boy blue 14. Ding dong bell 15. Dr Foster
16. One, two, buckle my shoe 17. Early to rise 18. For want of a nail 19. See saw, Margery daw 20. A red sky at night
21. Solomon Grundy 22. Pussy cat, pussy cat 23. Goosey gander
little miss muffet
25. Georgie Porgie
26. Hark, hark, the dogs do bark 27. Old Mother Hubbard 28. There was a crooked man 29. Jack and Jill
peter piper
31. Hey diddle diddle
watch hot cross buns
33. Little Bo Peep 34. The Queen of Hearts 35. Little Polly Flinders
hickety pickety
three little kittens
38. Pease pudding 39. This little pig 40. Simple Simon
41. Wee Willy Winkie 42. Little Jack Horner 43. Rain, rain, go to Spain 44. Jack Sprat 45. Rub a dub dub
46. Look at little Tina 47. There is an old woman 48. Poor Tom Tickle 49. Esmerelda's bedroom 50. Nothing would be finer
51. When Debbie was young 52. Bertie boy 53. If you were a centipede 54. Donny Doubt 55. Bicker and Quarrel
56. I caught a little minnow 57. Kitty met a cat 58. The king he broke his quill 59. Billy is a bully 60. Don't make a sound
61. Brave Sir Knight 62. I wish that I could sail a boat 63. Bessie blew a bubble 64. Little Laura's lonely 65. Johnny chased a rainbow
66. What shall we eat 67. Master big and Mistress small 68. A princess went a walking 69. There was an old witch 70. Freida makes a fuss
71. Look at Lovell 72. Lilly skipped 73. Sir Laughalot 74. I lent my pen to Bill and Ben 75. Start and stop
76. Children who refuse to go to bed 77. Look at little Lizzy 78. Christopher Crumb 79. Remember every oak was born 80. Brenda is a brat
81. Skinny Jack 82. Sam left the buttons of his coat undone 83. Ride on a camel to Timbuctoo 84. What a nasty shock 85. Maria was a girl
86. Tiny Timmy Tot 87. Jack went out 88. I have a little friend 89. I saw a little bird 90. Sweet tooth Sam


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