Queen Bee Music CD by Peter Weatherall

The songs on this CD were written and recorded in 2007 in Oamaru, New Zealand (where I currently reside), and as with the songs on my other children's albums, are starting to make their appearance as animated music videos on our TV show and spin-off DVDs: you can watch some samples below (taken from the Best of Penguin TV DVD and Altogether English DVD). As with my other albums the songs are a mix of education, entertainment and story-telling, with a dose of humour added for good measure.

"What would happen if Paul McCartney decided to write a children's album? Too late, Peter Weatherall beat him to the punch. Pure, engaging vocals and masterfully designed wordplay highlight a clever collection of highly entertaining tunes." John Wood, Kidzmusic.com.

This music album is included on my collected set of mp3 albums.

Jukebox: click on a blue title to play an audio sample
1. Months of the Year 2. Queen Bee 3. Little Green Aliens 4. The King's Clothes
5. Purple Penguin Slippers 6. Dragon Snot 7. Marvellous Microbes 8. Bananas
9. When I grow up 10. In my Garden 11. Bump in the Night 12. Washing Machine
13. Green Canoe      
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Months of the Year music video Bananas music video Watch When I Grow Up Music Video Watch the Washing Machine Music Video


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