Teaching at University

I started out my teaching life at university. For three years, while a PhD student at Cambridge University, I taught undergraduate philosophy students one-to-one in my supervisor's college. This is the way teaching happens at Cambridge. The fellows of a college assign undergraduate students to their doctoral students. In my case, I was assigned 4 undergraduate philosophy students. I would meet each student once a week on an individual basis: to set a weekly essay topic and give feedback on the previous week's essay. The fellows within a college do not themselves teach the undergraduates in their college, although they monitor their well-being and academic progress. The system works extremely well: it is not surprising that Cambridge is consistently ranked the top university in the world given the number of nobel-prize winners, renowned thinkers, writers, politicians, etc., it produces (the likes of Newton, Darwin, Watson & Crick, Samuel Pepys, Winston Churchill being just a few). There is something to be said for one-to-one teaching.

After graduation, I taught Philosophy of language and mind at Massey University in New Zealand for two years. However, after a year's sabbatical on a Fulbright Fellowship to the City University of New York in 1996-97, I decided not to return to academia, choosing instead to pursue a creative career as a children's musician and writer. Over time, this has evolved into a career creating innovative educational music and multimedia.


Dr Peter Weatherall
369 Childs Road
Mill Park VIC 3082
Mobile Telephone No.: 0415652845
Email: peter@kidsinglish.com

Citizenship:                                        Australian
VIT Registration Number:               385139
2014                                        Verified Certificate in Mathematics (Pre-calculus) with Distinction
                                                University of California, Irvine

2013                                        Graduate Diploma in Education (Secondary) with Distinction
                                                RMIT University, Melbourne
                                                Methods: Maths and Chemistry

1993                                        PhD in Philosophy
                                                University of Cambridge, UK

1988                                        BSc (Hons) First Class in Chemistry
                                                Sub-major: Maths; Minor: Biology
                                                University of Otago, New Zealand

1984                                        BA (Hons) First Class in Philosophy
                                                Double Major: Latin
                                                University of Otago, New Zealand

2013: Rotary Club Scholarship: Chemistry Teaching Through Song
2013: RMIT EAO Scholarship to teach Chemistry in Malaysia
2010: Waitaki District Council Community Award (Live Simple Science Show)
2007: Australia Community TV Antenna Award for Best Theme Music (Penguin TV)
1996: Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellowship (City University of New York)
1989: Commonwealth Scholarship (University of Cambridge, UK)
1989: Frank Knox Fellowship (Harvard University, USA)
1989: William Georgetti Scholarship
1989: Prince of Wales Scholarship (University of Cambridge)
1988: Joseph and Emma Mellor Prize in Chemistry
1987: Research Scholarship in Theoretical Chemistry (ANU, Canberra)
1987: Proudfoot Scholarship in Experimental Science (Chemistry)
1987: H.N. Parton Prize in Chemistry
1986: F.G Soper Prize in Chemistry
1984: James Clark Prize in Philosophy
1983: Otago Award in Arts
1983: Kerry Thorn Memorial Prize in Philosophy
1982: The Macgregor Prize in Philosophy

(the following materials can be previewed at my teaching portfolio website)

2013: A Chemistry Songbook (DVD video and Music CD)
2011: Where Does Food Come From? (DVD video and Music CD)
2010: Simplest Science (DVD video and Music CD)
2010: Human Biology (DVD video and Music CD)
2009: Altogether English (DVD video and Music CD)
2009: Fantastikos Mathematikos (DVD video and Music CD)
2008: More Simple Science (DVD video and Music CD)
2008: Musical Maths (DVD video and Music CD)
2007: Simple Science (DVD video and Music CD)
2004: Teach in English (CD-ROM), Speak in English (DVD video), Sing in English (Music CD & DVD video)

OTHER PUBLICATIONS (Note: a full list of my catalogue of Children’s Music CDs and other multimedia publications can be accessed at my website: kidsinglish.com)

Weatherall P, 1997 (Children’s novel), Beyond the Pale (HarperCollins Publishers New Zealand)

Weatherall P, 1996, “What do propositions measure in folk psychology?”, Philosophical Psychology, 9, 365-80

Weatherall P, 1993, “Tarski’s theory of truth and Field’s solution to the problem of intentionality”, Australasian Journal of Philosophy, 71, 291-304

Gill P.M.W, Weatherall P, Radom L, 1989, “The Hemi-Bonded Dimer Radical Cation of Thiirane”, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 111, 2782-85

2006-present: Educational Multimedia, Television and Radio Producer (New Zealand & Australia)

2002-2006: English Teacher (Japan)

1996-2001: Children's Author and Musician (New Zealand)

1994-1995: University Lecturer in Philosophy (Massey University, New Zealand)

Member of the Chemistry Education Association (Victoria)
Member of the Early Careers Chemistry Network (Victoria)
Educational Programme Maker for C31 Melbourne, Television Sydney (TVS), Channel 44 Adelaide, Digital 31 Brisbane, WTV Perth and the Community Radio Network (Australia)

Music Composition, Production and Performance: Guitar, Piano, and vocal

Animation and Video Production

Community Broadcasting (Television and Radio)

MOOCs and screen-casting


I was born in Melbourne but grew up in New Zealand. I exceled academically in both the arts and sciences coming top of my class in all honours years in both my undergraduate arts and science degrees. I went on to win – amongst other awards - a Commonwealth scholarship to Cambridge University where I completed a doctorate in Philosophy, and afterwards a Fulbright Postdoctoral Scholarship to the City University of New York. After teaching Philosophy at University for two years, I left academia in the mid-‘90s to pursue a creative career in children’s music and writing. In New Zealand, I produced a series of children’s music CDs and stories, at the same time performing my songs and stories in pre-schools and primary schools around New Zealand. In 2002 I travelled to Japan to work for Nova Corporation (a large chain of English Language Schools that went belly-up when the GFC hit), developing and using educational multimedia and ICT to teach children English. In 2006, I returned to New Zealand, setting up my own educational multimedia company (Kidsinglish Productions) and began to produce innovative science, maths and English educational multimedia. At the same time, I became involved with community broadcasting in New Zealand and Australia. For the past seven years I have made a weekly educational program broadcast on community TV and radio throughout Australia.  Much of this material has been released on DVD and CD. Key achievements in this regard have been my Simple Science series of DVDs and CDs, which closely follows the UK science curriculum (equivalent to AusVELS Years 1-9), and two maths series: Fantastikos Mathematikos and Musical Maths. These are in widespread use in schools throughout the UK (and USA) where my work is held in high regard by teachers and teacher-educators. I have reached a stage in my career where I want to put my skills and experience to use in the classroom once again. To these ends, I completed a graduate diploma of education at RMIT University in 2013, my methods being Mathematics and Chemistry, with the aim of re-entering the classroom as a secondary school teacher. One highlight of my time at RMIT is a project to develop music and multimedia based around the VCE Chemistry study design. I took some of this material to Malaysia recently where I used it to teach senior level chemistry while on placement in a public secondary school in Kuala Lumpur. Given the depth and breadth of my educational background and experience, I am well qualified to teach a range of subjects, including Mathematics, Chemistry, General Science, Biology, Humanities, English, Music and Media. I would describe myself as a committed and highly creative educationalist with a special interest and expertise in the creation and use of music, animation, multimedia, and, more generally, ICT to engage students in learning both within, and beyond, the classroom.


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