The Word Wizard's DVD by Peter Weatherall and Hidemi Ueno

The purpose of this DVD is to make learning the alphabet fun and easy for children aged 1-6. To these ends we have put together a disk with resources so young children can learn the alphabet.

It's a regular DVD, with over 2 hours of fun music and other animated videos. Children learn to recite the alphabet by singing along to the songs, letter recognition, association of words and letters with objects, and to spell.

But that's not all. Insert the disk in a computer and you can open folders containing printable worksheets, coloring sheets, letter writing practice sheets, picture and word flashcards, games, and electronic books. The songs in high quality mp3 format are also included amongst the ROM content. Plus instructions/advice about how to use the materials to deliver effective results for your children.

This DVD is no longer available as a separate title. I have taken the songs, videos and printable materials from this DVD and incorporated them into my Early Learning set of DVDs. Please go to that page to order a copy.


Click on a picture to watch a low quality video sample from the Word Wizard's DVD
Watch the Alphabet Tree music video Watch a sample video from the A B unit Watch a sample video from the Word Wizard's Spelling Quiz Watch a sample video from the Spelling Bee series Watch the Word Wizard sing one of his alphabet songs
Watch Doo Dee ABC Music Video
Watch the letter S jingle
Watch Gardening I-Spy
Watch the Alphabet Galaxy Music Video
Watch Space Magic Spell


Click on a picture to look at some of the other resources on the disk
Look at the small flashcards for the A B unit Look at some worksheets for the A B unit Look at some game sheets for the A B unit Read an electronic book for the A B unit Listen to a word wizard song mp3 sample


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