Happy Train DVD by Peter Weatherall

This is a collection of over an hour's worth of all-new original animated songs and stories for early-learners on DVD-video.

High quality (320kbps) audio mp3s of all the songs are also included on the disk as data\ROM content accessible from a computer - you can move these to an mp3-player (such as an i-pod) or burn your own music CDs that can be played in a CD-player.

This DVD is part of my Early Learning Multibuy set of DVDs. Please go to that page to buy a copy.

Click on a title to play a short video clip sample (low quality format)
Howdy doo Happy Train Little Chick Little Chick Song Animals Talk
My Pet My Pet Song Hi Yo Curly Wurly Pigs Song
Robot Grey Balloon Grey Balloon Song Leprechaun Transportation
Transportation Song Trees Trees Song Body Body Song
I'm a Horse Donkey Spider Happy Birthday Toodle loo


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