Sing In English DVD video by Peter Weatherall and Hidemi Ueno

The twenty animated music videos on this DVD match the twenty songs on the music CD, Sing in English, songs and animation by Peter Weatherall, and artwork by Hidemi Ueno. Pre-school children especially will love to watch and sing along to these topic-based songs. They are also a great resource for young learners/teachers of English as a second language.

High quality (320kbps) audio mp3s of the songs (and printable lyrics) are included as data\ROM content accessible from a computer - you can move these to an mp3-player (such as an ipod) or burn your own music CDs that can be played in a CD-player.

This DVD is part of our Early Learning Multibuy set of DVDs. Please go to that page to order a copy.

"Weatherall's clear vocals and gentle teaching technique shine in this educational DVD for young audiences that includes 20 of his original tunes." John Wood,

Click on a picture to play a low quality video sample
Watch the Animal bus song video Watch the Body song video Watch the Halloween song video Watch the Happy family video Watch the Weather song video

Track list: Click on a blue song title to play a low quality audio-only (mp3) sample
1. Word wizard's song
6. Ten ladybugs
11. I like school
16. The body song
2. Days of the week
7. Clothes song
12. In our house
17. Vehicle song
3. What's the weather?
8. Can you count to 20?
13. People in my town
18. Sport song
4. Colouring in song
9. Animal bus
14. The clock song
19. Countries song
5. Food song
10. Opposites song
15. Happy family
20. Halloween song


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