Musical Math DVD by Peter Weatherall

Over two hours of original music and animation to teach key concepts in mathematics to children aged two to seven. Topics covered include: numbers and counting; greater than; addition and subtraction, ranking/ordering; digital and analogue time; patterns/series; using numbers to measure; fractions; venn diagrams; division; and the times tables series (as an extra I have also included these as audio mp3 files on the disk - so you can move them to an mp3-player such as an i-pod or burn them onto a music CD to help with memorizing the times-tables).

This DVD is available as part of my Science and Mathematics Multibuy set of DVDs. Please go to that page to order a copy.

click on a picture to watch a low quality video sample from the Musical Math DVD
Watch a counting video
Watch a greater than video Watch an addition video Watch a subtraction video Watch a telling the time video
Watch a pattern/series video Watch a measuring video Watch a fractions video Watch a venn diagram video Watch a division video
Watch a times table video



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