The Best of Penguin TV DVD by Peter Weatherall and Hidemi Ueno

In 2007 we launched our first TV show: the award-winning Penguin TV, with forty episodes being broadcast on television stations across Australia and New Zealand, and portions of the show also being broadcast as far away as England and the USA. The show won Best Theme Music Composition at the 2008 Australian Antenna Television Awards (and Peter was also nominated for Best Director).

On this DVD we have collected together the best videos from the 2007 broadcasts of Penguin TV: that's approximately 2 hours of original animated music videos, stories and educational videos for young children. High quality (320kbps) audio mp3s of all the songs are included as data\ROM content accessible from a computer - you can move these to an mp3-player (such as an i-pod) or burn your own music CDs that can be played in a CD-player.

This DVD is available as part of my Early Learning Multibuy set of DVDs. Please go to that page to buy a copy.

Click on a picture to watch a sample video from The Best of Penguin TV DVD
Watch the Penguin TV music video Watch the Jumping Jellybeans music video Watch the Polygon Song music video Watch the Months of the Year music video Watch the Hello Song music video
Watch the How old are you music video Watch the War of the Clouds story Watch the Clouds music video Watching the counting chickens music video Watch a peekaboo music video
Watch a shape music video Watch a Can You music video Watch a Make a Shape video Watch a symmetry video Watch the krunchy krud ad


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