Simplest Science DVD by Peter Weatherall

This is the third title in my simple science series made up of 12 science topics set to original music and animation, plus a bonus feature covering the first ten elements of the periodic table.

Watch the explanation video for a topic, sing along to the songs (optional subtitles and karaoke audio provided for all music videos) and children will be hooked!

As well as being a regular DVD that plays in a DVD-player, the disk contains high quality (320kbps) audio mp3s of all the songs accessible from a computer (plus printable lyrics). Move the songs to an mp3-player (such as an i-pod) or burn your own music CD that will play in a CD-player.

This DVD is region-free and guaranteed to work in any country in any DVD-player (I make sure the format of the disks - NTSC or PAL - is correct for your region prior to mailing).

This DVD is part of my Science and Math Multibuy set of DVDs. Please go to that page if you want to order a copy.

UK-based teachers may be interested to know that in Simplest Science, I have followed the topics in Key Stage 1 of the UK Science Curriculum. However, the topics are equally relevant to the US elementary school curriculum (for 5-7 year-olds).

Click on a blue title to view a sample explanation video


Click on a blue title to view a sample music video


Click on a blue title to listen to a song sample


Watch the Periodic Table Song included on the DVD
Watch the Periodic table music video


Click on an element to watch sample videos from the DVD






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