The Teddy Bear Orchestra DVD by Peter Weatherall

This DVD uses a combination of original music and animation to present the sounds, instruments and rhythms of orchestral music to children. The music comes from my Top Brass, Twenty Twenty, and Japanese Waltzes albums.

The first twenty pieces focus on woodwind, brass and percussive instruments, and are performed by the "Teddy Bear Orchestra" conducted by "Theodore De Bere". Following on from this, a cartoon "Walt" brings the waltz time signature to life in a series of "Walt's Waltz Workouts", which encourage children to move in time to a 3/4 beat.

My Japanese Waltzes, Twenty Twenty, and Top Brass music albums are included as data\ROM content on the DVD in high quality (320kbps) mp3 audio format - you can move the music files to an mp3 player (such as an i-pod) or burn them as music CDs that will play in a CD-player.

Also included amongst the ROM content are eight all-new stories and eight all-new original orchestral music compostions from a collaborative project I carried out with the storyteller, Annette Knowler: "The Moon Princess and other stories". So that's a total of over two and a half hours of stories and music. You can listen to samples in low quality format below.

I have (as of 2012) discontinued this DVD as a separate title and incorporated most the material from it onto my Early Learning set of DVDs. Please go to that page to order a copy.

Click on a picture to watch a low quality video clip from the Teddy Bear Orchestra DVD
Pompadour Music Video
Penguin Parade Music Video A Waltz for Daydreamers Music Video The Commuter's Waltz Music Video


Click on a title to listen to an mp3 sample from the DVD




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