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Hi, Peter Weatherall here: musician, animator and educator. Welcome to my website! You can explore my wonderfully entertaining and educational DVDs below.

You can buy your very own copy of anything you see and hear below and I will email you links to the video files which you can download and store on your computer, mobile or other storage device. You can also burn these to disk if you want your own hard copy. The advantages of having your own copies is that you can play them when you are offline and don't have to put up with those annoying Youtube ads! Also I will include whatever supplementary materials there are (for example, audio-only mp3s of the songs, lyrics, worksheets, etc.) that go with any of the DVDs you buy. Wow, what a great deal!

You can explore my other music (mostly audio only) by clicking on the link at the top of the page. If like what you hear you can download the audio files (mp3s or .wav files if you want to burn your own CD) for any album to your device (cost = US$2 per CD/album). Again, when you buy anything I will email you the links to download the audio files (and lyrics if they exist).

Well, I hope you enjoy your time here. Email me ( if you have any questions, comments, or requests.

Image of Basic Biology DVD cover

Singin' Science DVD Cover Image

Image of Simple Science DVD cover

Image of More Simple Science DVD cover

Image of Simplest Science DVD cover

Image of Human Biology DVD cover

Image of A Chemistry Songbook DVD cover

Image of Where Does Food Come From? DVD cover

Image of Fantastikos Mathematikos DVD cover

Image of Funtime Math DVD cover

Image of Lollipop Man DVD cover

Image of Kiwi Kids Vids DVD cover

Image of Altogether English DVD cover

Image of Sing in English DVD cover

Image of Hello Duck DVD cover

Image of Penguin TV DVD cover

Image of Jumping Jellybeans TV DVD cover

Image of Happy Train DVD cover

Image of Read Me a Story DVD cover